Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner

Ok so, yes there are still 38 days till Christmas arrives but it's never to soon to start searching for the  perfect gift.  When I start this process I give much thought about recipient. What are their favorite things?  Have they hinted about something they want?  What is that one thing that always brings a smile to their face?  With those thoughts in mind I head out in search of the PERFECT gift.  Anything special, unique and meaningful to that particular person will do. 

I have found that the handmade world is often a great place to find gift giving ideas.  For me this used to mean browsing through craft magazines and fabric stores.  After finally finding what I want additional time was then spent creating my gift or finding someone who can make it for me.  Occassionally I would luck out and see just what I needed at a Craft fair, where someone else has poured their blood, sweat and tears into something special. 

This year I have discovered the wonderful world of Etsy where handmade items from A to Z are available with the click of a mouse.  It has been so much fun browsing through the shops and pondering just who this most adorable item would make a great gift for.  There is just so much...where do you begin...how do I weave through all the items out here to find something special...  It's enough to make your mind spin. 

For those who may not have as much time to search I am going to spend the next several weeks sharing some of my personal favorties from ETSY. 

Does your sister like variety and art?  Here is a locket with interchangable faces and it features the work of a true artist.  Many more lockets in this shop with other pictures. 

Does your dad need some pampering?
Bath and body products with a fun message stamped right would add that special touch but not look to girly. 

Know your friends favorite colors? 
A scarf in those colors would be just perfect.

Is your Aunt a spectacular party host?
This fun bowl would make a great converstaion piece and would last outside of the holiday season.

An added bonus:  Each of these shops are a part of TeamEPE and donate money to the American Cancer Society!

Stay Tuned more gift ideas coming soon!


  1. Wooo-Hooo!!
    Great Blog and Thank You so much for featuring my Urchin doodle bowl in your Handmade Gift Ideas! I started out my career on Etsy buying all things beautiful and handmade and I vowed to try and never set foot in a shopping mall again...so far so good!!
    Happy Holidays!!
    :) Kristin

  2. Thank you so much Robyn for including my collaboration locket with Sandra! Love, love all your choices!

    xo- Cat :)