Friday, November 20, 2009

Gift sets

Gift sets pop up everywhere at Christmas time. Some are a really great combination of items you know someone will love and other times there is one item that is just too good to pass up at that price but the items they package along with it really aren't worth much.  (I'm thinking that wonderful bottle of cologne paired with a twinky pocket knife or fake leather wallet.).  Or you buy a wonderful basket that appears to be filled to the top with food items, bath products, etc and then shrink wrapped all ready for you to give.  Then as you watch the receiver open their gift and pull out piles of stuffing you soon discover that you should have opened this before giving it and filled more than a top layer.  Don't get me wrong I love the idea of a gift set and find that making my own can be a fantastic way to buy several inexpensive items and combine them into one reasonably priced gift that is perfectly personalized. 

As I wander through the pages of Etsy I've begun to see the gift sets showing up here as well and they have me really excited.  There are items here so much better than what you find in the stores.  I can't wait to see what else appears as we get closer to Christmas.

A spice pack for kids???  This seemed a little unusual to me as well but as I read the description and throught more about it this is a great idea.  I have found that kids love making things and are much more willing to eat something they created.  Just gift these to your future chef and them sprinkle away and maybe just maybe that veggie they were so sure they wouldn't like becomes super tasty.

Ouch Pouch by PillowSewCute
This ouch pouch really caught my eye.  Organization for purses or bags of any kind are always a girls best friend.  Having someone compile all of those basic first aid type items in a ready to go pack could really save a new mom some time and energy she could use other places. 

Hot/Cold packs by DaySpa
Do you have a friend who is always cold?  This would be a simple gift idea that could provide them with much delight.  Add a book, and a blanket to this set and you have created a warm and cozy get a way. 

Happy Winter Magnet set by fashionfucsia
Are you ready to brighten the desk of your co-worker?  This magnet set is something that can bring out the holiday spirit for a few months and easily fit in a desk drawer and be stored away till next season.