Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gifts for Guys

I have heard it time and time again that it is just to hard to find handmade gifts for guys.  Although you won't find the latest technology in electronics I guarantee there are tons of items the guys in your life will enjoy. 

I picture this gift being given to an avid hunter and becoming the topic of many tall tales and discussions of the best hunting grounds for such an exotic cardboard animal. 

Do you have that guy in your life who grabs the first bar of soap that doesn't smell like flowers and runs back out of the store? 
Why not give him a really quality bath product to show him what he is missing.  You will also save him the trouble of making the trip to the store himself. 

Belt buckles are a standard piece of equipment for the men in my life.
A custom made buckle would be hard to find in a retail store and definately wouldn't be under $25.

Do you have a traveler in your life? 
A piece of art like this one could be the perfect gift to remind your guy of a previous adventure or give him plans for the future. 

More gift ideas coming soon!

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