Thursday, November 19, 2009

Don't forget the wrapping

It's not just what's inside that counts, how you present your gift is half the fun so here are some ideas to help get you started. 

Quilt by QuiltLover
For those akward to wrap or extra large gifts find a suitable quilt or blanket and make an instant gift sack.  Place your gift in the center, draw up the blanket all around it, and tie it with a decorative piece of ribbon.  Now your gift wrap becomes a warm and cozy gift as well. 

Christmas Bags by Creative Chicks
For the smaller gifts use one of these pre-made gift bags.  Even better these are re-usable.  No more piles of wrapping paper to throw away at the end of the day when these are used. 

Oragami nesting boxes by SleipnirDesigns
For those itty bitty gifts (hmmm...i'm thinking bracelets, necklaces and earings) use these adorable stacking boxes.  Now you have an eye catching gift and adds excitement to the gift opening process when there are several boxes to open.

Card by Paper Petal Creations
Of course no gift is complete without a card or tag.  Sometimes a tag is just to small to share the meaning behind the gift or even to add a funny story to your gift to make someone smile.


  1. Well how cool is that! Thank you for featuring our gift bags. I love that quilt!

  2. Thank you for featuring my Quilt. And so true, what a wonderful Gift (wrap) it would make!

  3. We've wrapped gifts in blankets before. It made my mother wonder what on earth was so large it required a blanket, LOL. (It was a sewing machine.) Very awesome!