Thursday, October 15, 2009

Busy Past few weeks

I've been playing a bit of hide and seek with not much time to post here.  The past few weeks I have:
  • Taken a super fun vacation to Minnesota.  Who would have thought I could spend 3 days in a mall but one trip to the Mall of America and an active boyfriend ready to see it all and I managed to keep up.  The attached picture is a cute fish who watched us enjoy a meal at the  Rainforest Cafe. 
  • Started a low iodine diet in prep for an upcoming RAI procedure.  Having to exclude dairy, eggs, fish and many pre-made foods has made for a new use of my creativy. 
  • Fought through a stomache bug.  This has certainly made it easier to stick to my new diet for the past few days.
  • Added a couple of new Christmas themed cards to my Etsy site. 

Hope all of you have had a good few weeks as well. 


  1. wow seems like you had a wonderful jelous!

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