Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It all began...

Growing up I watched my Mom try her hand at all sorts of crafts and sewing projects and as soon as I was old enough she got me started making my own creations. We spent a lot of time in the craft room working on various projects or watching my mom cutting, pinning and sewing. Mom also took me to lots of craft fairs, quilt shows, fabric stores...and anyplace where new ideas could be found. The picture I have included is my mom sister and the 3rd generation, my niece, pondering a detailed quilt at the Nebraska State Fair.
Well 29 years later I think I can officially say I have caught my moms crafting bug. No not the sewing part but give me some scraps of paper and I'll think of something that they can be transformed into. Much of my inspiration is based on brightening anothers day and figuring out a gift I can make.

Having finally built up a sizable collection of stamps, ink, paper, etc and knowing that Mom's super stash of craft supplies is just a few hours away I have choosen to share my paper creations with others by creating a Etsy shop called Paper Petal Creations (http://www.paperpetalcreations.etsy.com/).

Stay tuned for details on how I came up with the name of my shop.

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